Best Ad Networks For Blogger 2022

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Hey guys in this article we will be going to talk about the best ad networks for bloggers in 2021. We will be doing a review of some of the most popular ad networks that are available online. These ad networks are so popular that they have now millions of users.

A simple way to earn money from your website or your social media platforms is the ad networks. There are a lot of ad networks available on the market which may make you confused so here we will be going to talk about the best ad networks only.

List of Ad Networks

With very high research and user feedback, I have found out the best ad networks which you will get the most benefit. These ad networks are used personally by our team for various kinds of websites. All ad networks are used on different types of website for their optimal use you need to understand on which type of website you need to use which ad network. So I hope you will read the full article to understand everything about ad networks.

1. Google Adsense

When there is a talk about ad networks, Google AdSense is the one that comes to everyone’s mind. Google AdSense has become a legendary ad network that is used by almost every blogger. This company has become a giant in terms of providing ads to our blogs. Google itself being a search engine can offer very optimising ads on your blog which results in very high conversions.


If you have traffic on a particular niche such as Best colleges, best universities, Best tourism, etc. is the best ad network you can have. Here mostly you get links ads that give you very high ECPM when utmost conversions are made. This ad network sometimes gives more revenue than Google AdSense if you have a target audience, so you need to use Google AdSense along with too to get higher revenue.

3. Propellor ads

If you have a certain type of site that you cannot get approval from Google AdSense or or any such kind of banner ad network then you can try popular ad networks. This ad network provides you pop up, Pop under, native ads along with banner ads which are highly optimising. With this ad network too you can earn a lot of revenue if you can use it properly.

Hence I have explained all my favourite kinds of ad networks that you must try. All these ad networks are very popular and are trusted. So you can use them without any hassle.

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