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Choosing the best career path is like playing a game of strategy. The majority of us work for more than one third of our lives. The task you pick must be well planned. It may have been easier to choose a career when the possibilities were restricted. However, with so many professional options available, choosing and training for a career has never been more difficult. As sectors adjust to changes in the market or the world in general, new employment opportunities emerge. Today’s employment options may change into various professions in the future, resulting in greater chances.

We all deserve a profession that fulfils us mentally and financially after working hard for many years in school and graduating. In addition, in the face of a worldwide pandemic, concerns about the job market, employability data, the significance and growth of a specific career in the future, job security, and so on are becoming increasingly common.

However, on the plus side, it has opened up plenty of exciting and futuristic opportunities, particularly for the young of emerging nations like India. We currently have a wide variety of career options with competitive pay packages in a variety of areas; for example, the highest-paying roles are in IT, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Healthcare, Marketing, and Data. Here are the best career options in India:

Doctor (Specialists & Surgeons)

In the coming years, the healthcare business will surely expand. The worldwide pandemic has just started the pace. As a result, this is an excellent moment for anyone who are pursuing or wish to pursue a career in medicine. Furthermore, the income package you receive will be determined by your specialisation and skill after 5 12 years of MBBS. Surgeons and specialised specialists such as dermatologists, cardiologists, and others are paid well. Medicine is undoubtedly one of the most exciting professional paths in India.

Data Scientist/Statistician/Analyst

The whole world is increasingly data-driven, which opens up a wealth of profitable and growth-oriented career opportunities. Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Statisticians, Market Researchers, Risk Analysts, Data Analysis, Financial Analysts, Indian Statistical Officers, Actuaries, and many more high-paying job profiles are among the most popular and in-demand. A background in BE/B.Tech Computer Engineering/ B.Sc-M.Sc Statistics/Mathematics followed by a PG/ Certification programme in Data Science/Data Analytics is required to work in any data-driven sector, such as IT/ITeS or BFSI.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Expert

Machine Learning is one of the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence, in which professionals create self-learning systems, and it is currently one of the most popular career options in India. According to the World Economic Forum, AI-enabled industries will create 133 million new employments globally by 2022. In India, the need for AI specialists/experts is predicted to rise as a result of MNCs’ and the government’s digitalization efforts. A B.Tech/BE in Computer/IT or a B.Sc-M.Sc in Economics/Mathematics/Statistics or related industrial experience is required to begin a career in this field, followed by a PG/Certification in AI/ML. A working understanding of Python is advantageous.

Investment Banker

By generating funds and offering financial consulting services, investment bankers help their clients—individuals, banks, organisations, and businesses. They serve as a connection between companies and financial markets, assisting corporate giant in making clever but smart investment decisions in order to maximise profits. The number of private banking players in India has been constantly increasing. A appropriate degree in finance is required to work as an investment banker. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in banking, finance, economics, or business administration. Investment banking is now one of the best career opportunities in India for the future.

Product Manager

Product Manager As a result, qualified individuals with the ability to balance the demands of a product’s growth and image while also overseeing the whole manufacturing process are in great demand. They analyse customer requirements and desires and work with the technical team to develop items that will sell well. Product Management expertise have been obtained across all industries, including IT/ITeS, FMCG, BFSI, data-driven enterprises, and other service-based firms, with attractive wages. Bachelors and/or Masters in Business Administration or an MBA following graduation from any stream are the minimal educational requirements for a job as a Management Consultant.

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