Career Options in Commerce After Maths

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Career opportunities are no longer limited in today’s world. You are no longer controlled by the traditional professions undertaken by your parents and their parents before them. In recent years, commerce has become one of the most popular streams among students. It’s difficult, but it’s also quite rewarding.

Commerce is a well-known stream among students. Because commerce provides excellent professional courses, there is no need to be worried about not receiving a professional degree and hence a suitable career. Depending on the path and degree you take, you may be able to choose an out-of-the-box job choice, such as one in travel and hospitality, if you choose commerce. Commerce students have a wide range of career opportunities, and if you play to your strengths, you’ll always have interesting roles to work in.

You can select from a variety of fields in Commerce without Maths. Law, Education, Fine Arts, Arts courses, Event Management, Hospitality Management courses, and many other degree programmes are available. Here are the best commerce career options without maths.

Law (LLB)

Pursuing law is one of the unique job alternatives in Commerce without Maths. While the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and other law entrance exams in India serve as an entry point to pursue courses like BA LLB or LLB from top law schools, the Cambridge Law Test, Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and other law entrance exams in other countries serve as a gateway to study this field.

Journalism/Mass Communication

After 12th grade, Mass Media or Journalism courses are among the top career options for commerce students who do not have a math background. There are several job paths in this subject, ranging from New Media and Digital Communication to Broadcast and Magazine Journalism. Here are some of the best journalism programmes for people interested in pursuing a career in journalism:

Bachelor’s degree in journalism

Sports in journalism

Masters in Mass Communication

MBA in Communication

Journalism IN Bsc

BA (Bachelor of Arts) (Bachelor of Arts)

Bachelors of Arts is another interesting course that students in the Commerce without Maths category choose. History, Social Science, Journalism, Political Science, Geography, English, and more specialisations are available. Depending on the university and nation, the degree might last anywhere from three to four years. Take a look at the list of popular BA programmes below.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science 

Bachelor of Arts in history

Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature

Hotel Management

Without maths students, a career in hotel management will never fail! A degree programme in this sector is extremely professional and entirely focused on different methods of dealing with the public and dealing with customers. The Hotel Management subjects provide students with industry-specific skills ranging from management concepts and hotel economics to hygiene and food safety. Following is a list of some of the Hotel Management courses available after 12th grade that you might be interested in:

Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Technology

BA in Culinary Arts

BA in Hotel Management

Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production

Bachelor of Catering Management

Travel & Tourism Courses

In the twenty-first century, both the tourist and hotel management businesses have experienced significant growth. As a result, the need for qualified experts has increased. Pursuing a career in travel and tourism, which ranges from a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Tourism Management to a BA (Hons) in Business and Events Management, may be extremely rewarding. Ships and cruises, adventure tourism, hospitals and hotels, the aircraft industry, and other sectors are all options.

 Event Management

Event Management is a 3-year degree that will help you interact with the basics of the field and pursue an interesting work opportunity. It is one of the most wanted career possibilities for Commerce without Maths. The following are some of the most popular Event Management courses available:

Bachelor of Event Management

BBA (Event Management)

BA (Event Management)

Bachelor of Design (BDes)

Bachelor of Design (BDes) is a four-year undergraduate programme in a variety of arts and design subjects, including Product Design, Fashion Design, and Textile Design, to name a few. For individuals interested in pursuing a creative career in design after completing their 12th commerce without maths, this is one of the greatest options for pursuing a variety of job opportunities.

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