Common Myths That are Associated with Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks area unit scars that seem on the skin as a result of the tearing of the corium layer. they’ll be unattractive to seem at, and that they area unit the supply of dread for several individuals. as a result of the subject of stretch marks is usually debated, their area unit variety of myths that are developed close to them. Below area unit an inventory of common myths and assumptions related to stretch marks.

  1. solely those that area unit overweight get stretch marks.

This is not correct. even though stretch marks area unit common in those that area unit overweight, they additionally occur in those that area unit skinny. Ironically, several bodybuilders get them, and this area unit those that pay tons of your time figuring out and intake right. the effort is not any guarantee that you simply won’t get stretch marks.

  1. those that area unit older get stretch marks the foremost

Stretch marks will happen to individuals of any age and don’t seem to be age-specific. many of us confuse them with wrinkles, and this is often a unique skin condition. In fact, teenagers area unit additional possible to induce stretch marks than adults, as a result of their bodies area unit inquiring variety of secretion changes during which they will gain weight.

  1. solely girls get stretch marks

While stretch marks could seem on many ladies UN agency become pregnant, it’s not exclusive to at least one gender. Men will get them likewise. although girls area unit additional possible to induce stretch marks, males UN agency area unit inquiring pubescence could get them likewise, and men UN agency area unit bodybuilders are possible to induce them.

  1. those that totally do not have to fret concerning stretch marks

This is in all probability one of the foremost common myths. it’s just like the one concerning being overweight and is additionally inaccurate. the effort is sweet for your body, however, it’ll not defend you from stretch marks. the fact that bodybuilders get them is proof that supports this. those that area unit in good condition will get them, likewise as those that don’t seem to be in good condition.

This area unit four common myths that area unit associated with stretch marks. those that haven’t studied the topic area unit vulnerable to endorsing them. truth reason behind stretch marks is debated, and there seems to be a variety of things that may cause the condition. several doctors believe that genetic science plays a job, whereas others believe secretion changes within the body are that the primary cause.

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