Difference Between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

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In a dedicated server, the owner has direct control over the server, and they can handle the server as per their need. In dedicated hosting, we have complete control of the server. On the other hand, Cloud servers are managed because the user has no control over the server. It is much more difficult to manage a cloud server than to manage a dedicated server: Unlike a single dedicated server, in a cloud server, we work with hundreds of virtual servers.


Dedicated Hosting: In a dedicated server, there is only one server. If there is any fault in the system, it will crash the entire server and data as well, causing the server to go down.

Cloud Hosting: In a cloud server, multiple servers hold your website instances. If your server goes offline, the instance of the web page becomes controlled by another server. These different servers make cloud storage even more reliable.


Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated server is very difficult to enter from the security point of view. Dedicated hosting server provides extreme security measures to ensure the safety of data stored on their network of servers.

Cloud Hosting: The cloud service provider provides security, and the cloud servers are extremely secure.

Its providers implement the best security standard storing data and important files on external service providers always opens up risks.


Dedicated Hosting: Being a dedicated hosting server, the users can configure their own server, because they get access to the servers. So they can configure their server as per their need.

Cloud Hosting: The cloud hosting service users can’t configure the server, because the users don’t get much access to the hosting servers.

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