Google Meet vs Zoom: The Real Opinion of the Experts

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Looking for an app to make video calls at work or in education? In recent months, very different options have appeared and you may be wondering which is best for your situation and needs. In other posts, we have already talked about the differences between Google Meet and Skype . Today we have to analyze Google Meet and Zoom to see which one is better.

What is Google Meet?

Meet Google (formerly Hangouts Meet ) is the application for videoconferencing from Google . This tool is part of the collaborative environment Google Workspace ( formerly G Suite ), which has applications such as Drive, Docs, Slides, Gmail and Calendar. This application and its entire environment is created to improve collaboration between teams from anywhere and based on the cloud. In addition, Google Meet also features devices for video calls Hangouts Meet, one hardware specialized for video calling theatrical companies.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a service dedicated exclusively to videoconferencing , which during 2020 has also gained relevance in the professional field. It is also cloud-based and has both software and hardware specifically for business video calls.

Google Meet vs Zoom

Although both applications are very similar in terms of purpose (making video calls) and method (cloud-based), they have significant differences that can make you change your mind when choosing one or the other.

1. Collaboration

The main difference between the two applications is the level of collaboration they offer. As already mentioned, while Zoom is an application created specifically for making video calls , Google Meet is part of a collaborative environment called Google Workspace . This means that with the hiring of Workspace, you will be able to make video calls with Meet , and also benefit from the whole environment that accompanies it. This can be very interesting, in case your company wants to improve efficiency and communication between teams, since Workspace offers all the applications necessary for day-to-day life (Drive, Gmail, Calendar…) that are highly integrated with each other.

On the other hand, if you contract Zoom, this will be specifically limited to making video calls.

2. Usability

Both applications stand out for being very easy to use. Both navigation menus are very clear and clean, so they can be used by anyone even if they have not previously used them. However, it is true that the option of being able to open the video call directly from the browser (without the need to install anything), makes Google Meet simpler than Zoom . As for the creation of these calls, it is also very easy in both. If you want to know how to create video calls with Google Meet , you can read this post .

3. Security

One of the things that Google Meet stands out the most over Zoom is its high security standards . As you may already know, Google is known as one of the most difficult environments to hack and Workspace (G Suite) has multiple options from its Administrator Panel ( Google Admin ) to control any access and use of tools from the organization. In addition, specifically, Google Meet generates its URLs for video calls randomly and via invitation in Gmail. In this way, video calls are even more secure. So if your company is concerned about its safety while telecommuting , Google Meet will be the best option.

4. Access from the browser

Both applications allow access from the browser. However, to be able to do it with Zoom you will have to install an extension , which can hinder access to the meeting if the user does not have it installed yet. On the other hand, with Google Meet you will only need someone to send the invitation to all emails (even if they do not use Google) and when they receive the link they will be able to quickly access the video call.

5. Screen recording

The possibility of recording screens can be very interesting both for business webinars and for online classes . Although both applications allow this option, since G Suite has been renamed Workspace, this option is only available on the Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise plans . In this way, while with Zoom you can easily record it, with Google Meet you will have to have the right plan to be able to do it. If you need more information about Google Workspace plans we can help you here .

6. Wallpaper

Lastly, there is the option to change the background that appears in your recording. This can be very useful if you are telecommuting and you don’t want others to see the environment you are in. If you have previously used Google Meet , you may still think that this option is not included with the application. However, modifying the wallpapers is one of the options that Google has recently introduced . Therefore, with Google Meet and Zoom you can do it.

Google Meet vs Zoom Which one should I choose?

In conclusion, although both applications are very similar, your choice will depend on the needs of your company. If you only need one application to make video calls, both options can be good and you will only have to decide based on certain criteria (the easiest application to use or the one that allows you to record video calls more easily).

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