How to buy Bitcoin on WazirX 2021? [Also works on Mobile]

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The market of Cryptocurrency is increasing with time. The same increase is being seen in the price of Bitcoin again. In such a situation, if the best asset to invest in today’s time, where you can invest money, then it is bitcoin and for this Wazirx is India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform from where bitcoin can be bought and sold. How do we buy bitcoin from WazirX here Will be getting information about this.

There are many types of crypto coins in the market today, but the trust of the people remains only on bitcoin. Because it is the oldest and best crypto coin in which big business of the world invest and big company like Tesla also has thousands of bitcoins. In such a situation, every smart investor and money manager suggests in today’s time to buy bitcoin and WazirX is the best platform for this in India.

That’s why we are telling here about buying bitcoin from Wazirx. Because the charges here are all in front and the Buyer or Seller knows how much will be charged for Deposit and Withdrawal. But there are many bitcoin wallets where one does not know in the beginning how many hidden charges are there from buying bitcoin to selling it.

What is WazirX?

Before using any platform, it is important to have some knowledge about it. Wazirx is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. From where all crypto coins like bitcoin, dodgecoin, ethereum coin can be bought and sold. Wazirx is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai and it was started in 2017.

Today it is India’s largest and most trusted bitcoin buying and selling platform. There are more than 7 million users here and in 2021, more than $ 21 billion has been traded here. Not long ago, Wazirx has released its own Crypto token WRX and many people also do its mining.

Many such features are available here which are very important for Crypto trader such as real-time open order books, charting, trade history, deposits and withdrawals. Because of this, WazirX is so popular in the Indian market today and every crypto investor uses it. Here we will also get information about buying bitcoin from WazirX, so if you are interested in investing in bitcoin, then definitely try it.

How to buy bitcoin from WazirX?

Many people do not buy bitcoin because they find it very difficult to create an account. But understand that when you do trading, personal verification is very important for this, even if you are investing 100 rupees. In such a situation, any user who wants to buy Bitcoin may take time to setup an account.

Step 1. Wazirx Account

To buy Bitcoin, first of all the investor must have a Wazirx account. For this, you can create an account with email and phone number. If you are using Wazirx for the first time, then create an account by clicking here.


Like you will create an account by clicking on the SignUp button, a verification link will be sent to the email, which will be valid for the next 30 minutes and you will have to verify before that then the account will be created. Now all the user has to do is login and complete the setup. Before buying another bitcoin, it is not a social media account, so whatever information you are giving should be correct and working, otherwise there will be problem at the time of transaction later.

Step 2. Mobile & KYC Verification

Whatever is the mobile number of the user, after logging into the account for the first time, first verify it because to buy bitcoin from Wazirx it is very important that the user’s mobile number and KYC verification is complete and everything is verified, in such a situation mobile Enter the number, an OTP will be sent, after entering which the mobile number will be updated.

To do KYC verification, first enter the PAN card number, then upload the PAN card document and then enter the Aadhar card number and then upload the Aadhar card document. With this, enter your real name on the profile which matches with the PAN card and the birth date should exactly match with the Aadhar card which is given on your account.

Step 3. Add Bank Details

WazirX uses P2P (Person to Person) model to buy bitcoins and hence it is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform where one person exchanges bitcoins with another person. In such a situation, it is necessary to use a bank account to buy and sell bitcoins. You can also make payment using UPI.

After submitting all these details, you will have to wait for some time, maximum 24 to 48 hours so that the account gets verified and then it gets verified. You will be ready to buy bitcoins from Wazirx and you can buy bitcoins in the following way.

Step 4. Buy Bitcoin

To buy bitcoin from Wazirx, first you have to add money to the wallet, which is exactly like the Paytm wallet. Now after logging in to the account, you have to buy as many bitcoins as you can to add money by going to the Fund option. A minimum of Rs 100 can also be added on Wazirx. So whatever portfolio you have made, add money to the fund accordingly to invest in Bitcoin.

After adding money, come to the Quick Buy tab, here first of all you can see bitcoin and buy button in front of it, just click on that button and after entering the amount of bitcoin you want to buy, your wallet That much money will be deducted from it and bitcoin will be added to the order details.

We have seen how easily we can buy bitcoins from Wazirx and if we keep selling then that is also easy. You can sell it immediately by clicking on the Sell button and your money will be added back to the wallet, which you can send to the account again. In this way you can invest money in bitcoin, but you will still have many questions in your mind and all those answers will be found in the below FAQs.

Wazirx FAQs

Q1. Is WazirX Legal?

The first and biggest question people have is whether WazirX is Legal and yes! So how it is legal in India when Cryptocurrency is not legal in India . No person in India can buy bitcoin using any bank. So the answer is very simple, WazirX works on P2P i.e. Person 2 Person Model.

In this, one person buys and sells from another person. Which is legal in India and here no one does direct transaction from the bank, all buy and sell bitcoin through wallet. In this case, Wazirx is absolutely safe and can be bought and sold 24 hours a day.

Q2. Can you trust WazirX?

At this time it is considered to be the most trusted platform in India, on which any kind of government rule does not apply. Because of which people using it is harmful, in such a situation you can trust it and start bitcoin trading. It is similar to Stocks Investment App in view but here work is done on Cryptocurrency.

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