How to Increase Pinterest Followers ( Best 5 Working Methods )

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Pinterest is an Image Sharing & Social Media Platform, on which users get to see different categories of photos, videos according to their interest and which can be pinned and shared with their friends, about how to increase Pinterest Followers. I am going to tell in the article, Like other social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest is also a social media platform on which you can find your friends, make new friends and chat with them.

Anyone can follow you on Pinterest and you can follow anyone, and the people who follow you are called your Pinterest Followers, and everyone wants more people to follow them because the more your accounts But the number of followers increases, the more fame increases.

How to increase followers on Pinterest?

Followers are very important on social media, because the more followers one has, the more famous it is, Pinterest can also become famous on the Internet by increasing followers, and it is a little easier to increase followers on Pinterest as compared to other social media sites. Because in this you do not have to write big posts, but by sharing photos, videos and sharing ideas, you can increase the followers on your account, apart from this you can also create boards, in this you can create many boards and different categories in them. Pintrest is not just a photo sharing website but it can also be used for business purposes.

On Pinterest, users get the option to create a business profile, in which you get the option of alalytics, so that you can see the viewers who visit your profile, this is a very good option using which to increase your Pinterest followers. Apart from this, I am going to tell about many other ways in which the followers of Pinterest account can be increased in this article.

How to increase Pinterest Followers? How to increase followers on Pinterest

After creating a pintrest account, you can share the photo, video by pinning it, here you also get the option to share the idea and make it broad, using which you can increase the Pinterest followers, many who are for the first time. Those who use Pinterest App do not understand its user interface because it is different from other social media platform but as you keep using Pinterest you start understanding its user interface,

In simple words, Pinterest which is made up of Pin + Interest means that here you get to see photos and videos related to all categories like Technology, Education, Study, Quotes etc. and save them by pinning them. You can also share it with friends, you can increase traffic on blog and website by increasing Pinterest Followers, many people also use this platform to increase their business because business profile is created here. There is an option to do this so that you can bring your business online, and you can also pin and share photos related to it.

How to Increase Pinterest Followers ( 5 Ways )

I am going to tell about 5 ways to increase followers on pintrest account, using which you can increase followers on your account, and the best thing is that for this you will not have to use any app or site but without any By using the app and site, you will be able to increase your Pinterest Followers.

1. Make Pinterest Business Profile

Pinterest provides the option to convert Personal Account to Business Account, using which you can create your business profile on it, in business account you get many more features which can be used to increase followers, in this you Option is also available to select Business Name, Category etc.

And you can select any category like Blogger, Creator, Influencer, Public Figure or Celebrity etc., Analytics option is available in Pinterest Business Account, so that you can see the Audience of your account, along with Impression, Engagements, Many options like Toal Audience, Engaged Audience etc. are also found in this, in this feature Pinterest Followers can be increased, I have given complete information about it in my post which can be read from here.

2. Create Board

There is a board maker option available on Pinterest, using which you can create a board related to your business category and pin and save different types of photos and videos in it, in simple words, if you divide photos into categories. If you want to do it, you can do it by creating a board on pinterest, you can create different categories of boards and pin different photos and videos in them, this is also a good way to increase Pinterest followers because when you create a board on pintrest then it Appears on your profile, so that whenever a user views your profile, he can see the photo, video of the category of his choice and you also follow you when someone likes the photo shared by you Yes, on Pinterest there is an option to select to select the visibility of the board, so that you can select whether you want to show the board to all the people or not.

  • Open the Pinterest App on your phone, then click on the + icon.
  • Then some options will appear, out of which click on the option of Board.
  • After this you will be asked to enter the board name, here you can write any name for the board, and do not change anything in the Visibility option and click on next.

Now your Pinterest Board will be successfully created, in which you can save the photo by pinning it.

3. Create SEO Friendly Pins in Pinterest

You must have seen many people’s Pinterest photos in the search, if you want your photo to appear in the search, then for this the photo has to be made Seo Friendly, whenever you pin a photo or video on Pinterest, then you have to Title, description etc. options are also visible, but many people do not use these options, if you want to increase Pinterest Followers, then for this you have to share photo and write some information about it as well. That is, whenever someone searches by typing something related to your photo, he also sees your photo, for this you have to rename the photo, whenever you click a picture from the mobile camera, then the name of that picture Number is there, so if you want to show your picture in search, then you can rename the picture and write your name in it, after that follow the steps mentioned below to upload your picture to pinterest.

  • After opening the Pinterest App, click on the + icon, after that some options will appear, out of which click on the Pin option.
  • Then you will see all the photos of your mobile gallery, click on any photo you want to upload to Pinterest and select it and click on next, after this some options will appear.
  1. Title – Here you can write the name of the photo, or if you are sharing your photo then write your name.
  2. Description – You can write some information about your photo, if you upload any photo related to Quates, Photography, Technology, Drawing etc., then you can tell about it.
  3. Destination Website – If you are sharing the photo of a website, then you can add the link of that website in the option of Destination Website, do not make any changes in this option.
  4. Alt Text – You can use this option to show your photo in search, here you can write all the information about the photo.
  5. After filling all these options correctly click on Next

Your Pinterest photo will now be uploaded, and your Pinterest followers will increase when your photo appears in search.

4. Follow Other Pinterest Account

Almost everyone knows this method, but many people do not want to increase Pinterest followers with this method because it increases following along with followers, because when you follow someone, that person appears in your following list. Everyone wants to increase the followers on their account and not the following, but if you have a new Pinterest account and you do not have followers, then using this method you can increase some Pinterest followers, for this you have to follow Pinterest. Other users have to follow,

And it’s very simple, on pintrest home you see photos and videos shared by many people, and when you click on that photo there is also a profile icon and name of the creator who shared the photo So that you can view and follow that creator’s profile, in this way to increase Pinterest Followers, you can pin photos related to your interest and also follow the creator who shared the photo. Yes, some of the people you follow also follow you back and this also increases the followers of your account.

5. Share Your Pinterest Profile To Other Social Media

To increase Pinterest Followers, you can use your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. If you have more followers on Facebook, Twitter, then you can share the link of your Pinterest Profile there, this is a very good method. Through which you can increase the followers of pinterest account from other social media account.

But for this, you should have good followers on other social media accounts as well, only then you can use this method, because if you do not have many followers on Facebook, Twitter and will share the link of Pinterest Profile there, even then your account will not have followers. On the contrary, if you have thousands of followers on your Facebook account and share a link to the Pinterest profile, then some of them will follow your Pinterest account, and this will also increase the Pinterest Follower.

  • After opening the Pinterest App, click on your profile icon.
  • After this, after clicking on the option with 3 dots, click on the option with Copy Profile link, you have copied the Pinterest Profile link which can be shared on other social media sites.

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