How To Pop out Twitch Chat – Easy Methods 2022

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Let’s first know what is Twitch. Twitch is basically a video live-streaming service that has recently gained a lot of name and popularity these days. The reason behind its popularity is its unique features that allow real-time communication. The chatting feature is an essential part of Twitch which makes it a unique experience for the users and allows them to interact not only with some members but with a lot of the streamers. With this application, you can communicate with the streamer and ask them questions or just interact with them normally. In this article we will share how To Pop Out Twitch Chat, So  Keep on reading the article to know more!

The Twitch has the feature of chat built-in itself and whenever you want to chat, you can bring out the chat window that appears at the place where are you are streaming. From there you can not just chat with others, but also you can have a look at the list of the viewers who are currently logged into the chat. The chat window is also known as live chat as from here you chat with the streamers online at the time of streaming.

As the chat window in the switch is always present when we are streaming, many of the people ask “How do the open Chat in Twitch?” or the common question is “How to pop out Twitch chat?”

There are many reasons why people ask how to pop out the twitch chat. Few of them being:-

  1. There might be a lot of destruction in the chat window and hence the user might not be able to focus.
  2. The second reason can be that the user does not want to watch the video and wants to chat.
  3. The third reason can be that the streamer wants to switch the window and comment so that he can chat while streaming.

This article tells you how to easily pop out the twitch chat when live.

The process of popping out the chat window was a bit complicated earlier than it is now. At that time you had to copy the Iframe and put it in an HTML body which has to be saved in your local system. So whenever you want to open the chat you have to clip click upon that. This system no longer works, and we have a different technique. In this article, we have listed out some of these steps you can follow to open the Twitch chat window. Please note that this option is only available when you are on the live stream and not when you are offline. If you are not live-streaming than it is not possible to pop out the twitch chat window. One thing to be noted is that the Twitch application can be used by a phone app or through the website. The below steps which we have used can be used to pop out the chat window in the Twitch TV or the Twitch website.

  • The first and the foremost step is to log in to the site by using your credentials and filling up all the details that are needed.
  • The main page opens ups. The next thing you have to do is to jump to the channel by simply browsing through all the categories which are listed in the page, or you can jump through the search button.
  • After your channel is completely loaded, all you have to do is to go to the chat settings which is located in the bottom right corner of your page.
  • Once you have reached the bottom right corner of your page, click on the setting icon. This will open up a small pop up window with some other options as the show timestamp, readable colors, etc. From there you have to select the pop out chat option.
  • Once selected after clicking the pop out chat, a new tab screen will open with the chat. This is a screen for chatting, and you are all set up for you to chat with everyone.
  • If you want to continue viewing the streaming video you have to switch the tab.
  • If you want to return to the streaming window screen just close the tab, and you would revert to the normal mode.

Some people even ask on ‘How to pop out twitch chat while you are not live?’. The simple answer to the question is that you cannot pop out the chat window while you are not live. To start the Chat you have to be live then only the chat tab will pop up.

As given above are the simplest steps we have tried to sum up that can be done by anyone who has experience using Twitch chat. The steps given are also very clear and accurate. Hope this article helps you, and you had a great chatting session.

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