Top 3 Best WordPress Themes Available Online

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If you make a website on a WordPress then you definitely need a WordPress theme to create a design of your website. But as word press is an open source here you get a lot of WordPress themes. WordPress themes play a very crucial role of how your blog performs.

As WordPress themes are much more popular, various developers have created their own WordPress themes for the bloggers. Many of these wordpress themes are free and many of them are paid. Today in this article we will be going to talk about the free WordPress blog themes of 2021.

List of WordPress Blogs

As there are a lot of wordpress themes available online, with the help of deep research and user feedback, we have made the list of best wordpress themes. So if you read the full article without skipping then you will understand which one will be best for you. As we have tried all these mentioned themes personally.

1. Neve WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is one of the best team for a new blogger. This is a very lightweight team and also it is light on your mobile devices too. This is a mobile friendly theme Which is better for SEO too. This is a very easy to use theme where you can see real-time changes while editing the homepage of your website.

2. Lovecraft WordPress Theme

If you need a two column design theme on your blog, then you need to try this Lovecraft wordpress theme. This is a very lovely theme and specially designed for those bloggers who need a two column designed theme. Here you get facility of custom accents, logos and style to make your side look attractive. This is a very lightweight and mobile friendly theme which helps your site to rank on Google very fast.

3. Hitmag WordPress Theme

Hitmag WordPress theme is my personal favourite wordpress theme. This is one of the most light wordpress theme. If you don’t want a very fancy design on your website And want to keep your website simple, then this team will do everything for you. This is a very simple and easy to use teen who is normally any blogger or a new user can use it.

Here I have explained all the wordpress themes that I like and also which is used by many new bloggers, so if you are new to blogging you can try any of them for starting.

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