What Are The Job Opportunities After BBA

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A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree programme in business administration. Many governments or private universities/ institutes like Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS) under Delhi University, NMIMS, Symbiosis, Christ, etc offer this subject at the UG level. Any student interested in business can participate in this course after completing their 12th grade.

Students that complete a BBA programme can pursue any subject or sector they like, and many times excel in it! BBA courses also assist students to build entrepreneurial and business abilities, and they have been a very popular choice since the IIMs developed ‘Integrated programmes in management courses.

Based on the concepts taught during BBA, many BBA graduates have secured successful careers. These are determined by the student’s specialisations. Having graduated, a student receives a beginning wage package based on the career obtained. Following that, the salary rises as a result of promotions and professional advancement. A BBA graduate might choose to work in essential occupations that are closely linked to their studies.

During the first and second years of a BBA programme, students are educated about all aspects of the business. Many universities and colleges enable students to specialise in their fields at the end of their first or second year. Almost all sectors have basic roles available at the end of the three-year programme in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resource (HR), and Operations.


MBA is the most popular and one of the greatest degrees offered to students after BBA. After a BBA, there are various employment opportunities, and for those who wish to continue their education, an MBA appears to be the best option.

After completing your MBA, you will be qualified to apply for management roles in sales, business development, human resources, finance, and other related fields. Following BBA, MBA is one of the most popular courses.

Product Manager

Product managers are in higher demand than ever before. It might be the ideal field as a BBA graduate. Product managers are in charge of product strategy and execution throughout the lifespan of the product. They establish the product’s vision and collaborate closely with salespeople, engineers, and marketers to ensure its success.

 Business Manager

 A lot of firms are seeking for talented people who can handle the job of ensuring that the company’s operations function properly these days.

A business manager’s responsibilities include arranging workflow, allocating tasks, coordinating teams and departments, and executing plans.

Data Scientist

If you’re thinking what to do after BBA, data science is an unconventional response to the topic. Many individuals feel that data science is only for technical school graduates. With a BBA degree, you can also work as a data scientist.

To get ideas, data scientists use both structured and unstructured data. They utilize these insights to make more educated decisions, build plans, and assist their clients in achieving their goals. After BBA, it is one of the greatest courses available. By taking a data science course, you can learn how to become a data scientist. They offer a PG certification in Data Science that will equip you with all of the required skills and expertise to work as a Data Scientist.

Public Services (UPSC)

If you’re wondering what to do after your BBA, government jobs are a common choice among BBA graduates. You can prepare for the famous Union Public Service Commission’s civil service test.

Every year, the UPSC holds this test and chooses applicants for civil services such as the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, and others based on the results. With an average of more than a million students taking the Preliminary test, it is one of the most difficult exams in the world.

Preparing for the UPSC is one of the most popular career options after BBA.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the most popular post career options. You may learn about digital marketing and providing the services in expanding their presence online. The significance of digital marketers has increased in line with the growth of the internet economy.  It is constantly rising, among other things, making this one of the best courses after BBA.

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