What is Micro Niche ? How to Create a Profitable Micro Niche Blog

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Hello Friends, Today in this article i will get a detailed information on “What is Micro Niche blog?” and what it is about, how to create a Micro Niche Blog and how to make a good amount of money from it.

By blogging Micro Niche, we can reduce more money with less effort, if you need to do smart work, you can earn a lot of money by making a blog on the right topic and ranking it, So let’s know about Micro Niche Blogging –

What is Micro Niche Blogging

As you have heard related to Blogging and you must have been blogging, in such a way, if you want to create a blog on which you have to work less and you can earn more money too. Because in blogging, after a little hard work, you get very good results later and the micro blog is ready to be completed in just 2 or 3 days.

Now Let’s talk about What is Micro Niche Blogging?

So friends, to tell you in easy language, first divide this whole word, like Micro Niche (you can make it a category or a small topic) + Blogging (Create a post on a topic) Now these two got Micro Niche Blogging means to create a blog on a small topic and work on it, it is called Micro Niche Blogging.

How to create a Micro Blog?

So as you all know that Blogger is the best to create a blog and if you want to create a little Advance Blog whose look is very professional, then you can use WordPress and if you do not know how to make a blog, then we have done this topic. Wrote a post on

Let’s understand how to create a Micro Niche Blog and what you need for this-

1: Select Domain Name and Select Niche

First of all, to make any Micro Niche Blog you have to have some good topic, for Micro Niche Blogging you can take a small topic, as you have fashion inside Flipkart, man clothes or else Can also be made on man shoes, in which man shoes are a kind of micro niche inside Niche and inside it.

You may have to create a lot of posts on creating a blog related to the stuff, but it can be the best topic for online earning.

When you are starting Micro Niche Blog on a topic, then check this:

1- How much is the competition on that topic or niche.

2- How many Searches on that Topic.

3- Whether any any popular websites is ranking Keywords.

4- How many competitors in the same niche as you.

2: Keyword Research and Content Planning

To rank any blog or website on Search Engine or to say that Keyword Research is very important for the top lane, so first you should see that CPC and Competition of the Keyword you are going to work on. How is it, does it not rank on any big website and after this, you also check alternative keywords.

That is, you should research all the keywords that are to be added to your blog. So that you have an idea how to work on your blog and you have to target good and low competition keywords so that you can rank easily.

After Keyword Researching, you will now have to plan the content, which pages will be on your blog, and what kind of posts you should put in which you will benefit and you can see the images by yourself.

3: Creating Micro Niche Blog

After selecting the subject, you will have to see whether the related domain name is available or not, you can buy either .com or .in or any kind of domain, but while buying the domain, only you have to keep in mind that All your keywords are coming in your domain, this will make it easier to rank you why top level domains are easily ranked compared to free domain.

After that you have to make a blog on the platform of your choice, Blogger or WordPress both are very good platform.

How much can it cost to make a Micro Niche Blog?

So now talking about how much it will cost to make a Micro Niche blog, let’s understand how much you may have to spend on these two platforms. First of all, we talk about Blogger.

How much does it cost to create a Micro Niche blog on Blogger

Blogger is a service provided by Google and it is free, then you can say that you will create your own blog for free, but for Micro Niche Blogging, you have to make a custom domain purchase related to your keyword, which will give you Rs. 150 to Rs. Up to 700 will be easily found.

Now comes the website design, for this you will need a Custom Template, which you get from $ 20 to $ 40. Now if you convert it into Rupees then you get a Template Rs. 1400 to Rs. Can come up to 3000.

Thus, to make a Micro Niche Blog on Blogger, you have to spend at least Rs 2000.

How much can it cost to create a Micro Niche Blog to do Micro Niche Blogging on WordPress?

First of all, to create a blog on WordPress, you have to make Domain + Hosting Purchase and for the domain you may have to spend from Rs 150 to Rs 700. And for good hosting, you may have to spend at least Rs 1500 to Rs 4000.

Theme Although there are many free themes in WordPress, but if you want to create a professional blog, then you can buy paid themes, which can easily be found in the price of $ 20 to $ 70.

In this way, it costs 150 (Domain) + 3000 (Hosting) + 2500 (Theme) Optional = 5650 to build a Micro Niche Blog on WordPress, but if you use Free Theme then your blog will be made in less money. From this you can understand that you can earn long time earning by making a small investment in which you can earn a good income without spending much.

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