What is Viral Fever? and Symptoms of Viral Fever

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Today in this article we will read about the symptoms of viral fever because sometimes a person is not able to differentiate between normal fever and viral fever. Due to which a person has to suffer a lot, as well as when young children have viral fever, due to lack of correct information, many children even die, so all people know the difference between viral fever and normal fever and viral The symptoms of fever should be known.

So today in this article we will read about the symptoms of viral fever and we have also written all these symptoms in detail so that you can understand these symptoms better.

What is Viral Fever?

Normally a normal body temperature is about 98 points 6 degrees Fahrenheit, if this temperature rises by 1 degree, it is considered a fever. Fever often indicates that your body is suffering from some type of bacterial or viral infection. is fighting.

Fever can be due to many reasons, from common cold cough to severe infection, there are many reasons due to which viral infection can occur.

Symptoms of Viral Fever –

The following symptoms are likely to occur in case of viral fever:

Low or High fever

Whenever a person has a viral fever, he gets fever every day and the fever is sometimes less and sometimes more, this is because the body’s immune system inside the body is fighting that virus infection. If any person has fever every day and sometimes it is getting severe, then he should see a doctor because it is a serious symptom of viral infection.


Whenever a person has a viral infection, then heat starts to arise in that person’s body and that person also starts getting fever, but many times the person also starts having headache without fever, you can imagine yourself. The person is having a very high fever, he must be having a severe headache, if any person feels anything like this, then he should immediately consult a doctor.

Sore Throat

Often when a person has a viral infection, then there are problems like sore throat or sore throat or hoarseness or voice loss etc. These problems are quite common and common and along with sore throat. You may also have a cough.

Running Nose

Whenever a person has a viral infection, that person is unable to control his body, due to the infection, problems like runny nose, headache and sore throat occur. Due to viral, the body temperature starts increasing, due to which the nose starts running.

Muscle Pain

Due to viral fever, our whole body becomes unbalanced, the body’s immunity will be fighting against the disease. All the muscles also start hurting, the patient feels as if he has done the same heavy work due to which he is getting tired.

Dehydration (lack of water in the body)

When there is a very high fever, the body temperature rises and more and more water is released from the body in the form of sweat. Deficiency is a disease in itself and it aggravates the viral fever, so in case of viral infection, the patient should be given water in small amounts.

Diarrhea or Abdominal Pain

During viral fever, the body becomes completely unbalanced, due to which the digestive system of the body also gets disturbed. Pain is also caused due to lack of water in the body.


When we have very high fever, then there is a possibility of vomiting. And due to fever, the digestive system also gets messed up, due to all these reasons, the chances of vomiting are more.


When we have fever, every part of our body starts hurting. Has done any external work or has become intoxicated.

Itchy Eyes

When a person gets a high fever, then that fever also goes on that person’s head. The doctor should be seen because due to high fever, people also lose their lives, so when the fever comes, the doctor should be shown immediately, no hesitation should be taken.

Swelling on the Face

Due to high fever, sometimes swelling starts on the face, this is because there is a lack of water in the body and the person’s body becomes hot again and again. .

Weakening of the body

If someone has fever, then that person becomes a little weak mentally and physically and when this fever comes regularly, due to viral infection, the person has mental and physical pain every day that he cannot stomach by eating food. Neither does the person feel like eating food, due to which gradually the body starts getting weak.


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